Introducing the Cover Side Chair - by Thomas Bentzen for Muuto

The latest member of the Cover Family, joining the Cover Armchair and Lounge Chair, the Cover Side Chair by Danish designer Thomas Bentzen translates the Scandinavian stackable chair in wood into a modern form language.

Hinting towards archetypical design and Scandinavian traditions, the Cover Side Chair is a stackable, lightweight all-wooden chair, combining Scandinavian materiality with forward-thinking craftsmanship. With a sturdy oak frame, curved seat and partial armrest, the Cover Side Chair has an inviting expression through its extensive comfort and a strong ethos while taking up only little space in the room.

Using a unique combination of craftsmanship and materiality as its aesthetic reference point, the Cover Side Chair is created with careful attention to details through the slender veneer and solid wood. With its high level of comfort and functionality, the Cover Side Chair works well in spaces that serve the purpose of socializing, whether it be in a refined dining area, restaurants or workspaces. The design comes in various colors as well as with an upholstered seat in either textile or leather, allowing for customization to suit the sentiment of any home. 

About the design, Thomas says “The Cover Side Chair is born from a desire to bring modern perspectives to the archetypal wooden chair. I wanted to give the design a crisp and contemporary expression through its thin plywood material, paired with the solid and grounded sentiment of its frame and base in solid wood. With the details of its curved backrest that folds gently around the back legs and its warm materiality, the stackable Cover Side Chair translates the ideas of Scandinavian craftsmanship into a modern design language.”



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