Recycled Glass collection from Iittala

Sustainability has always been a cornerstone at Iittala, and never has this been more evident than in the new collection of design icons made solely of 100% recycled waste glass.

The Iittala glass factory is one of the worlds first glass manufacturers to create tumblers solely from waste glass, with no additional new raw materials added, just pure waste glass. Due to the very nature of waste, the glass used will vary in the mix of raw materials, resulting in truly unique pieces every single time.

As the colours of the collection will depend on the waste glass used in the production, expect colouration to vary from cool blue colours of the sea to calming shades of green. Each recycled glass object is unique and is as durable, clear and high quality as those made of new raw material, as you would expect from Iittala.

Initially the product range will be limited to a few pieces from the Raami, Alvar Aaalto and Kastehelmi collections and will be available to purchase online in early 2021.



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