The Afteroom Dining Chair is taken to another level

A MENU bestseller since its launch in 2012, the Afteroom Dining Chair is a beautifully designed minimal chair for everyday life.  Taking inspiration from the philosophy of the Bauhaus school, there is an obvious reduction to essentials and stripping back of unnecessary components.

The original design was created by Afteroom, a young Stockholm studio founded by rising-star designers HungMing Chen and Chen-Yen Wei, and now the pair have taken the chair to another level with the introduction of Afteroom Chair Plus.

Like the original, the design is minimalist and stripped back but the latest addition features a wider backrest and luxuriously upholstered seat and backrest.The result is a blissfully simple chair that embraces minimalism and clean lines with maximum comfort.

The 'Plus' concept has also been extended to the Afteroom Bar Chair Plus and the Afteroom Counter Chair Plus, all of which feature the wider backrest and are available to purchase on our store.



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