Norma - Low Casserole



The clean, minimalistic design by Pierro Lissoni hides the level of detail that has gone into the construction of what is surely one of the highest quality cookware collections available. ‘Norma’ is constructed using ‘Triply’, a high-tech material that provides incredible performance and a lifetime warranty.

‘Triply’ is a layer of aluminium sandwiched between two stainless steel layers, resulting in perfect heat distribution and ultimately the best cooking results. Triply is included not only in the base but is a continual layer that extends up the sides and to the top of the pan. The polished stainless steel finish provides an immaculate, contemporary feel, with the contrasting cast metal handles providing a nod to the nostalgic, hands-on approach to cooking.

“Norma is a family of cookware whose design is more classical than revolutionary, defined by a meticulous attention to detail. The pleasures of preparing fine cuisine using the best ingredients is ever more widespread and for this reason we sought to work on a design where a simple and pure aesthetic can accompany the everyday with the accent on high-quality materials and technical excellence.”

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